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Blitz Skirmish Event on February 20, 2021

Join us Feb. 20th for our Online Skirmish Blitz Event

An online blitz tournament with great prize support from Legend Story Studios

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Event Details

Signups close on Feb. 17, 2021

    • Sign ups for the Blitz event will be $20 USD. All proceeds will go towards ALS Charity.
    • Event starts at 1pm Eastern Standard Time, EST. 
    • Rounds will be based on participant number with a cut to top 8.
    • Players should be on discord 30 minutes prior to start of event.
    • If the first match starts and players are not available to play on time they will be awarded a loss for the first match and dropped from the event.


How To Participate 

The online tournament will be run using our Discord and Webcam. After purchasing your slot, you will need to submit your information so we can get you added to the discord and get you set up. You need to submit this form by Feb. 17, 2021.


This will be run as a normal tournament, supported through GEM. If you do not have a GEM played ID, you will need to sign up here.


LSS has provided some fantastic prizes for this inaugural Skirmish season. The prize kit for each event contains;

    • 8 cold foil adult hero cards. Since this is an online event, these cards will be awarded as participation prizes
    • 2 Scar for a Scar playmats. Since this is an online event, these cards will be awarded as participation prizes.
    • 24 Head Jab "POP art" rainbow foil cards

For online events, the prizes are being randomly awarded as participation prizes rather than as performance prizes, due to the difficulty of policing unsporting conduct over webcam. Because it may not be feasible for players to get to stores to collect their prizes in the current environment, we will be sending playmat and cold-foil prizes directly to players instead. Players will need to have a current email and physical address registered in GEM in order to enter the draw to win a participation prize.