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Monarch Preorders

Alright, it’s Monarch time!  

Well, no set has given me more heartburn in my life than this set.  It makes Commander Legends look like a walk in the park.  I suspected the price would slowly rise over the course of months to 400 dollars and then be closer to 800 or 1000 a month or so after release.  The fact that it could realistically hit 600 to 800 before release is amazing and intimidating.  I will, again, emphasize that this is a testament to James White and LSS that there is so much demand for this game. 

So, most importantly, let’s go over how I’m going to handle two groups first: In store customers and Skirmish Participants. 

In store: None of what is on this page applies to you.  You need to reach out to Steve or myself on facebook, discord, or in person and let’s figure it out.  In store we will be charging market rate BUT be giving significant discounts for every event you’ve played in our store, box of unlimited you purchase, support for FAB in store, games taught to new players, etc.  If you’ve gone to 70% of our Saturday events or more in the last six months your boxes are 100 bucks.  Enjoy!  You’ve earned it and I appreciate you.  

Skirmish:  It is our goal to get boxes in the hands of players.  If you’ve played in the skirmish, you play the game… maybe not well… but you play.  I’m kidding.  I Couldn’t care less if you played well.  I care that everyone had fun!  

As promised, each of you will receive 1 box of MON at 125 a box.  Look for those invoices or instructions in the next 10 days.  We’re debating doing paypal invoices or coupon code on websites.  We’ll figure that out and let you know. If you’re from overseas, please message me.  We plan on charging a flat 10 shipping for everything but that won’t work for overseas customers. 

Everyone else

The thing I’ve struggled with is how to not overcharge customers while still curtailing the flippers.  We are going to do gamer’s bundles.  These are things that an average player of FAB could use.  The fact that MON boxes are now reliably selling for 500 dollars has made this exceptionally difficult but also allowed me to provide, I think, great value to customers in the packages.  



Package 1: 

1 box of Monarch 

2 boxes of unl (1 each of arc and wtr) 

4 Blitz decks 

1 Random CompetEsport playmat (to be announced 4/17) 

1 Package of Toploaders (25 Pieces) 

1 Package of GameGenic Card sleeves For those who don’t know, Gamegenic sleeves are awesome and have been big supporters of Flesh and Blood  We support companies that support FAB.  

Coupon for

3 20 pt 1 touches 

1 35 pt 1 touch 

Price 550 USD 

Package 2: 

The Whale Bundle 

2 Boxes of MON 

1 CASE of MON Unl (Shipped separately at release)

1 Display (8 decks) of Blitz Decks 

1 Random CompetEsport Playmat 

1 Package of Toploaders (25 pieces) 

2 Packages of Gamegenic Sleeves (Learn to play the game, you damn dirty whales) 

Coupon for

10 1 Touches 

1,000 USD .  

We will only ship to the US right now. 

How to Purchase 

We expect to sell out in record time.  In order to make it more fair and to bring some attention to content creators, we’ve created partnerships for three of our four releases.  We are partnering with Kitchen Table TCG, Intrinsic Gaming and The FaBled Hunters for releases.  Flesh and Blood is about community and we wanted to support channels dedicated to the game.  

The content creators will give out codes that will allow early access to our bundles at  

The first “drop” will be with Kitchen Table TCG.  Louie will be sending an early access code to his patrons and announcing it in a video next week.  On Louie’s video on April 14th he will announce the code for access.  

The second “drop” will be with Intrinisic Gaming.  He’s a great, and frankly, underappreciated channel dedicated to Flesh and Blood.  Check out his videos.  He also has a great LGS in Worst (North) Carolina.  Sorry if I offended anyone from NC but my state is just better.  He will release the code for viewers of his channel on April 20th.  

Our last co-sponsored drop is with the FaBled Hunters.   Saint has quickly become a friend and is a staple in the FAB community.  His channel, the FaBled hunters show him and various co-hosts on the quest to find a fable in every set. So, far, the results have been less than stellar but more than entertaining.  He is working on when he wants to announce his code and we’ll get back to you later with that date.  

Lastly, our store’s drop will be on April 25.  We have some reserved for customers who have signed up for our newsletter at  So, go there and sign up for the newsletter to be told the exact time it’s public.  

I’m proud of the value we could put in this bundle.  If you really just want to play the game, please feel free to wait until unlimited.  We will be sticking with our 80 dollar a box plus shipping for unlimited, or roughly 340 a case.  We also have an awesome surprise for people who buy cases of Mon unlimited which will be announced in early May.  

Thanks, as always, for the support and much love to the community,